Bringing Innovative Products to life

Brad Harkavy is the president of Harkador Partners. For seven years, with his network of partners, he has been building new companies and delivering innovative products that whir, move and dazzle.  
Brad's experience, as described below, in building businesses large and small is matched with a diversity of expertise. He has managed board rooms, companies, electrical, mechanical, software and product marketing organizations in his career. 
Brad enjoys spending time with his 3 children and lovely wife, training for triathlons, mentoring, speaking and writing about entrepreneurship.
BUILD – companies and products
  • CEO, BPG Motors – unique self-balancing electric motorcycle
  • CEO & VP Product Development, Vert Inc – innovative outdoor geo-targeted digital advertising network
  • Cofounder & CEO, AkiTherm – MEMS based explosive detection technology
  • Conceived and built emerging company business group at Teradyne (NYSE:TER) – developed indirect sales channel for emerging and growing companies
  • Designed and built Uno2 (self balancing electric motorcycle) in 105 days after hiring the engineering team
  • Three patents (6,850,209; 6,812,851; 6,701,143).
  • Former chairman of Society of Infomation Displays New England (
EVOLVE – capital raising, advising, developing
  • Raised over $10M in equity financing for various companies
  • Board member STMP (NASDAQ OTC: SMTP), ChatThreads, BPG Motors
  • Advisor for 20+ startups through Harkador Partners and TechStars, MIT 200k (clean energy prize) and BU Kindle mentor programs
DELIVER – market share, customers, revenue
  • Global management $100M+ annual revenue wireless product line for Teradyne (NYSE: TER)
  • Captured 90% market share for General Scanning Group (NASDAQ:GSIG);
  • Built complex automated electro-mechanical systems and automatic sensor test systems product line into a $21M annual business
  • Brought first geo-targeted mobile taxi top digital display units to markets 12 months after launching the business
  • Structured deal with Clear Channel (NASDAQ:CCO) to became exclusive provider of LCD geo-targeted taxi tops

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