What if you stopped tweeting and dropped Facebook?

What if you stopped tweeting and dropped Facebook? My last two tweets were Oct 12 and Oct 20. I was not a huge Twitter emitter before that, but I did tweet every day or two during the previous couple months. My last blog post was Oct 6. The last time I spoke publicly was a panel session on October 20. I also have been off TweetDeck and Facebook for most of October, November and December. Clearly, I have not been doing much outbound communication or monitoring what others are saying. This brings up two interesting questions: 1. Why the falloff in my social media involvement? 2. What impact has opting out of social media had on my business and personal brand? 1) The falloff is easy to explain. One of the hats I wear is CEO of BPG Motors and the other is running an early-stage consulting practice, Harkador Partners. BPG has been in serious crunch mode and what was … Continue reading →