Strategy Drives Success (presentation)
Business Fundamentals Bootcamp, 3/30/12

Management Basics for Emerging Company CEOs (presentation)
Cambridge Innovation Center, 2/15/12

Ten Commandments of Fundraising (presentation)
Keynote, Insiders Guide to Early Stage Fundraising, 10/26/2011 

Different Investors for Different Folks (presentation)
CMU Start-up financing breakfast, 5/12/11

Top 10 Lessons Learned as an Entrepreneur (presentation)
Keynote, Hult DemoCamp Boston, 4/6/11

Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation roundtable discussion (radio)
WBZ, 2/15/11

CES: Electric Uno scooter doubles as a unicycle
CNET, 1/05/11

New England tech giants a thing of the past?
Mass High Tech, 9/29/10

Matt Johnson of OmniStrat pitch to Brad Harkavy on Vimeo
Boston BizSpark™ Meetup, 6/3/10

Individual perspectives: the road ahead and who else needs to be involved (video)
Firing neurons, building relationships: Washington D.C. Conference, 5/27/09


















































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