Summer time or is business slowing ?

I started conceiving this blog post in August when things were indeed slow. My consulting business had very little new sales activity and I got to thinking: is it me, the economy or just summer. My first approach was to gather some data. I thought for a long time that email traffic, at least the volume of quality (more about quality later) email traffic, was a strong indicator of business activity in general and a good indicator of successful new business activity. Mid month, I found out how to Analyze (My) Email Usage with Mail Trends. Being that August was slow, I took the time to install Mail Trends on my Mac. I went back to my geek days and pulled up a UNIX terminal window and collected some insightful data on the 74,119 emails in my Gmail account. In 2009, email activity dropped to 77 % of the monthly average for July and August. 2010 was a little harder … Continue reading →